For many people Lordi is best known for their performance at Eurovision Songfestival a few years back

where they defended the Finnish colors and won. The band’s epic ‘Hard Rock Halleluja’ is part of a giant  arsenal of great songs and albums this monster metal band has produced over the years. The main reason  for their current tour is the latest album ‘Scare Force One’. Dirty Passion and Hollywood Groupies are  supporting Lordi on their stop in Belgium. In the nearly sold out venue De Kreun the Italian boys from Hollywood Groupies are given the opportunity to warm up this Belgian crowd. Based in La Spezia the band consists of two girls (vocalist Foxy and lead  guitarist Kelly) and three guys (bass guitarist Condor, guitarist Ace From and drummer Mirko). They serve a speedy and energetic show without any breathing time. Small glitches and little mistakes do happen but  these boys and girls put a lot of effort in pleasing the crowd making those little errors easy to forgive and forget. Most songs come of the current album ‘Punched By Millions Hit By None’, including the catchy  ‘High Voltage Electric Kill’ and ‘Helter Jester’. Sadly the ‘Walk’ cover by Pantera was not included, yet  it does only emphasize the band’s own work.

Swedish hardrock band Dirty Passion brings the lounge feeling to a hot venue. Nevertheless the band creates their own vibe with a nice touch of humor in songs like ‘Los Angeloser” or ‘Sinner’ to name but a few. Don’t

expect the same flamboyant performance as an Angus Young but the music is well played and rich in  texture.

Lordi brings a big show not only in gimmicks but songwise as well. It’s like a metal opera of songs with  catchy riffs combined with horror elements. ‘Hard Rock Halleluja’ sets the roof on fire and Mr Lordi thanks the crowd while wishing us a good evening in perfect Dutch. And a splendid gig it is including songs like  ‘Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein’ and ‘Who’s Your Daddy’. All musicians showcase a solo spot.  Lordi is a roller coaster satisfying the crowd with ‘Give Your Life For Rock ‘n Roll’ and ‘Don’t Let My Mother Know’ is a rare treat on the setlist making this passage unforgettable!

Editor: Dieter Leemans Chief editor: Günther Moens