Sweden Rock Festival is blowing out 25 candles this year. It originated as Sommar Festivalen back in 1992 as a one day festival headlined by Nazareth. The festival grew bigger and bigger to what it is today. This year’s edition features headliners like Queen, Twisted Sister and Sabaton. The bill has over 80 bands spread over four days of festival. Each year people travel from all over the world to take part in this incredible experience. There is no other festival like this one where bands of all genres melt together to one fluid hearing experience.

Mike Tramp and Rock N Roll Circuz had the honour of opening the Sweden Stage and did just that with the White Lion classic ‘Little Fighter’. Over the last few years Tramp toured Europe solo with only an acoustic guitar. His latest release ‘Nomad’ confirmed his return to the electric rock world. Playing some Lion songs with different arrangements sounds really refreshing. His voice hasn’t suffered over a thirty years spanning career and he seems to be enjoying himself on stage. From the recent disc comes ‘High As A Mountain’ and his performance shows how fantastic this song is. The band keeps on playing Tramp and White Lion tracks to balance things out as they say. In the end a more than welcome comeback to the electric stage!